About Me


My Agile career began as a ScrumMaster with France Telecom’s mobile phone giant, Orange.  After previous Project Management roles led me to seeking out an alternative to Waterfall solutions that have caused me to experience so many issues and failings in the past, I decided Agile was the future.

Since my ‘Hallelujah!’ moment of discovering Agile methodologies, I have been able to work with some excellent forward thinking, Agile embracing companies as a ScrumMaster.  I have now progressed into Agile Coaching, which is quite a challenge!  I focus on strategies to transition companies to Agile, not just Development teams.  I work at senior manager and board level to drive organisational change whilst empowering teams in the trenches towards collaboration and creativity through training and mentoring.

I am passionate about Agile, hence my blog posts so I can discuss my experiences with others within the Agile community.  You can also find me tweeting away on Twitter @Scrum_Mistress, as well as attending the Agile Yorkshire networking events with my colleagues at the Round Foundry in Leeds.

I’m also the proud owner of  UK Agile award for Best Agile Coach or Mentor, which I gratefully received in November 2013. Cool Beans 😉

If you are interested in working with me, contact me on scrum.mum@gmail.com.  You can also visit my website on http://agilistasystems.co.uk/

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