Agile…what are you liiikkee??

You need to say the title of this blog like someone in Eastenders: “What are you liiiiike, ey, Agile? What are you liiike?”.

Alright, alriiiiight, have a seat on your bottle and glass and and feast your mince pies on this little analogy I have for you.
Over the Easter weekend I went down to Anglesey with my boyfriend and his entire family (it was my first time I’d spent a long time with them all…I was terrified…so many things could have gone wrong…what if I broke their favourite plant pot or got sugar in the wrong coffee?  What if I blurt out some nervous, inappropriate drivel and make them hate me for ever?? It was a big deal!  However, I was very proud of myself for not making a complete butt of myself, so, yey, go me…Anyway, I digress…).
So part of this little holiday involved me thinking it would be nice to make breakfast for everyone on Easter Saturday…I offered to make scrambled eggs on toast.  I’m good at scrambled eggs and people like my scrambled eggs.  I think perhaps because I load them up with butter it goes all like, nom nom nom. It was a safe bet.  Not risky like poached eggs or even fried. Scrambled was goooood. I’m good at toast too.  Toast is also goooood. So, off I went and set to work.  I’d broken the eggs and got working them in the pan and after about 10 minutes of me working, his mum and niece (7 years old), come in and ask me “will you need toast?” “Yes” I say, as I’m thinking “OH NO I FORGOT ABOUT THE BLOODY TOAST! HOW CAN YOU HAVE SCRAMBLED EGGS ON TOAST WITHOUT TOAST??!” Thoughts of how to juggle copious toasting and buttering with stirring scrambled eggs, or worse, getting the synchronisation of cooking eggs and toasting/buttering aligned to avoid cold breakfast elements caused anxiety levels to rise and dominated my thoughts for a few moments as I processed how the complexity of this ordinarily simple task had just sky rocketed!  I’m just not used to making scrambled eggs at this scale.  I’m obviously inexperienced!
Then, something interesting happened.  I turned around and there was hopefully-one-day-mother-in-law toasting, with hopefully-one-day-neice-in-law-or-whatever-the-name-is buttering.  Huzzahhhhh! Result!  We’d self-organised like a proper little Lean team and and made a nifty little conveyor belt of toasting and buttering, then soon after, adding scrummy scrambled egg.  Breakfast is served! High fives all round.  The other interesting thing is that we had all stuck to doing one thing at a time and didn’t get distracted from our tasks.  We had a grown-up working on the hot hob and another on the hot toaster and a child buttering the toast; we used the skills we had in the group to work together to complete the tasks involved to get the job done, just as a Scrum team should.  And when it was done, we had a delicious breakfast!  Apart from the fact I didn’t cook enough and had to start again…Oh well.  Next time I will know that serving 8 people scrambled eggs definitely requires a minimum of 16 medium sized eggs…

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